Alpha Mercy Health & Wellness Center

The Alpha Mercy Health & Wellness Center is one of the ministries that promotes the corporal work of Mercy. In March 2020, the Alpha Dental Clinic that was serving the six (6) Sisters of Mercy Sponsored institutions located on the Alpha Campus was reconstructed and transformed into Alpha Mercy Health & Wellness Center.

The overall area of the Alpha Health & Wellness Centre comprises a Dental Clinic, Medical Clinic, and a Wellness Centre.  The Wellness Centre area is still in the planning stage.  The Dental Clinic was dedicated to Dr. Thomas Check, a veteran dentist who dedicated his 50 years of voluntary dental service to the Sisters of Mercy of Jamaica. 

 Mercy students have access to the dental clinic for various dental services.  Students are examined and offered dental care each week. Over a thousand Mercy students visit the clinic every year. This work of mercy and the impact on the student population and parents is immense.

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