Jessie Ripoll Primary

Jessie Ripoll Primary School opened its doors on September 24, 1979, in response to the burgeoning student and staff population at the Alpha Primary School. A total of six hundred students and ten teachers moved into the new Primary School named Alpha Primary II. On the 100th anniversary of Alpha, on the 1st of May 1980, the school was fittingly renamed after the Foundress of Alpha – Jessie Ripoll Primary. What more fitting tribute could we give to this woman whose vision had reached a 100-year milestone? Her desire to reach out to the underprivileged especially the uneducated and the marginalized in our society is her legacy.

Currently, Jessie Ripoll is the most sought-after primary school and ranks #1 islandwide.

It has a total strength of 937 students. The key academic focus is:

  • Improved academic performance in Literacy from 94% to 98% and 90% to 94% in Numeracy skills
  • Improved Mercy values through school-wide activities, for example, increased outreach programmes for women and children as well as maintaining the environment.

Revision of the school’s ‘Nutrition Plan’ to reflect a reduction of salt and sugar intake as well as engaging in greater exercise and fitness activities has been a primary focus.

In light of the need to improve the overall health and wellness of stakeholders, it is imperative that a play area for students is further developed. Based on this implementation plans are being put forward to the Board to develop the existing football field into a proper sports area.

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