Corporate Office

The role Corporate Office is to promote the vision and mission of the Sisters of Mercy in Jamaica in all its institutions.  The Corporate Office engages with the various school boards and administrative teams in a collaborative effort to foster Mercy Education Core values among their students.  The Corporate Office also provides oversight in respect of the governance and accountability framework. 

In all our institutions and ministries, we continue to engage through the five critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy to create a space that is environmentally friendly, supportive to women empowerment and strongly inter-cultural and inclusive. Behind a diminutive number of religious Sisters, the Sisters of Mercy of Jamaica are fortunate to host a large group of capable and talented lay women and men who are dedicated and committed to carrying out the works of the Sisters of Mercy. 

The Corporate Office, in collaboration with the institutions, strategically plans and engages in the current and future infrastructural development and educational programmes.  In recent times, the Sisters of Mercy Corporate Office has completed major renovations and infrastructural improvements of some of its institutions. 

Meet the Team

Sister Susan Frazer, RSM

Area Administrator

Marcia Tai Chun

Chief Executive Officer

Cheryl Matthews
Chief Financial Oficer
Cheryl Stone

Senior Administrative Assistant

Charles Arumaiselvam

Development Officer

Edney Samuels

IT Officer

George Beckford
Assistant Property Manager
Miguel Gill

IT Support

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