Alpha Primary

Alpha Elementary School was founded with a handful of students after the arrival of Sisters of Mercy from Bermondsey, England, in 1892. This was the first educational institution founded by the Sisters of Mercy in Jamaica. Over the years, the institution’s population grew, and so too did its purpose and importance to the Kingston community. After 120 years of existence, it has garnered a reputation for excellence and top-class results. The Alpha Primary School has remained one of Jamaica’s premier institutions over the years, boasting outstanding results in all national standardised examinations.

Alpha Primary School now has 940 registered students for the current school year. Its key focus for this year has been promoting the Mercy Education profile of the graduate. Covid Pandemic has disrupted students’ performances and delivery of curriculum. Now the school has prioritized recapturing the learning loss through pull out programmes in Math and English and invested time and resources in improving the science programmes and cocurricular activities.

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