Alpha Infant School founded on August 4, 1896, is perhaps one of the oldest kindergarten schools in Jamaica. The Sisters understood the importance of  ‘early childhood education’ and worked towards providing high quality kindergarten education for children aged 4-6 years old. Through the years the number of students grew as high as five hundred (a year) and opened its door as a ‘feeder’ school to the Alpha Primary School. Even today, the Alpha Infant acts as a feeder school for both the Alpha Primary and Jessie Ripoll Primary Schools.

Currently it has a population of 192 students.

The key focus of the current academic year is Covid 19 related issues that has increased the stress levels of these students and affected their school behaviors. The in-school counseling department and teaching staff are addressing these concerns with introduction of experts where necessary.

Importantly, the ‘play and learn’ techniques are much more emphasized and implemented with our school children than any other times. The results of these measures have been phenomenal.

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