Promoting health and happiness at the Mercy Health & Wellness Centre

In May, this year’s first round of medical and dental screenings were conducted at the Mercy Health & Wellness Centre. Over 140 newly registered students who will be attending Jessie Ripoll Primary for the first time in September were accompanied by their parents and guardians to receive check-ups and basic procedures as part of the Sisters of Mercy of Jamaica’s efforts to serve the corporal needs of their community.

A student getting her teeth cleaned.

Throughout the week, these little ones were seen by friendly medical staff who checked their vitals by carrying out vision tests and measuring their weight, height, blood pressure, and more. Parents commented on the convenience of bringing their children to the Centre for these check-ups due, in large part, to the fact that they and their children were able to simply walk in without the need for an appointment and were able to be seen quickly as the only other patients present were also Mercy students. This is preferrable to the typical doctor’s office experience which normally features crowded waiting rooms and lengthy wait times.

A Nurse measuring a child’s height.

Given that we have a state-of the art dental facility, the students, while at the Centre for their medical screenings also benefitted from a variety of dental services such as oral exams, cleaning, prophylaxis, sealants, tooth restorations, intraoral radiographs, fluoride application and more. During these dental screenings, both children and parents appeared calm and comfortable – a testament to the dental staff’s ability to create a welcoming atmosphere. Dr. Alfred Atkinson, the Centre’s dental consultant, remarked that the Centre provides children with the same level of comfort, convenience, and quality of care as a private dental practice.

Dr. Clarke administering a dental procedure.

The Health & Wellness Centre will conduct another round of screenings in July for the newly registered Alpha Academy students. Aside from this, the Centre continues to provide daily care for students from all schools across the Alpha property.

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