Alpha Infant’s Peace Day 2024

On the 5th of March, Alpha Infant students, staff and parents observed Peace Day by carrying out a public demonstration in front of the Crying Child Monument in downtown Kingston. The monument bears the engraved names of over 2,000 children who have died as a result of violence from 2004 to 2017. There, students prayed for the nation’s children and reflected on the impact of violence on society.

This visit to the monument had added emotional significance due to the fact that the names of the relatives of some of the school’s staff members are engraved on it, showing that the school community has indeed been affected by violence against children. During the demonstration, students handed out cards explaining the Sisters of Mercy’s critical concern for non-violence to pedestrians and those passing by in cars.

Despite the fact that many of the school’s student’s have not been directly exposed to violence themselves, the school believes that, despite their young ages, these students still have agency and a voice, and can play their part in combating this societal problem through prayer.

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