Fulfilling the Mercy Mission

It is the Sisters of Mercy’s mission, not only to empower students to excel academically and professionally, but also to pour into them spiritually and contribute to the formation of their characters and faith in God. As such, we ensure that our schools’ identities and programmes are “firmly rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the legacy of the Sisters of Mercy and [our] foundress, Catherine McAuley” and, by doing so, fulfil the Mercy Charism. We also ensure that our Catholic Identity can be prominent in all that we do.

Sister Regina addressing the leaders of our Mercy schools

To help us to acknowledge and appreciate the various ways in which our schools have achieved this as well as to help us plan to further this mission in the future, our Mercy schools are participating in our very own “Mission Accountability” process. What this means is that our schools have the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate how well we’ve integrated our Mercy Charism and Catholic identity into school life; to identify challenges to achieving this; and to create a growth plan to improve how we continue to do this going forward while considering the changing needs of local populations. This year, Convent of Mercy Academy (aka Alpha Academy), became the first Jamaican Mercy school to undertake this review and did so by creating a Heart of Mercy Committee which evaluated the school and submitted a report to Mercy Education with their findings and growth plan.

After the report’s submission, Sister Regina Ward, RSM (i.e., the Associate Director for Mission Integration who guides this Accountability process among Mercy schools worldwide), and the Mission Accountability Review Team recently paid Alpha Academy a visit to see the real life context in which the school’s policies and practices (that were referenced in the report), “are lived out in word and deed.” Aside from Sister, the review team consisted of Marcia Tai Chun (Chief Executive Officer, Sisters of Mercy of Jamaica), Ingrid Robinson (Ministry Coordinator), and Maureen Bailey (a Christian Living teacher at our sister school, Mt. St. Joseph Catholic High School). Sister Regina and her team spared no time in meeting with the school’s Heart of Mercy Committee, then touring Alpha Academy and meeting with the Heads and Board Chairs of other local Mercy schools. Now, having seen the school and spoken to stakeholders, the team will be able write their own report affirming and making recommendations regarding Alpha Academy’s “expression of mission exhibited at the school and the growth plan.”We are confident that the school will be recognised as a solid mercy institution which strongly integrates the Sisters of Mercy critical concerns and the Mercy core values into its curriculum and prioritises the faith formation of members of its school community.

All of our Mercy schools have made great strides over the years in promoting our Catholic faith, Mercy heritage and charism through their mission statements, service opportunities, religious education, celebrations and special activities. Through the “Mission Accountability” process, we are excited to work with our diverse set of stakeholders to create new and innovative ways of further integrating these aspects into our school communities in order to meet the current needs of those we serve.

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