Reflection & Connection for Alpha Academy’s Sixth Formers

Alpha Academy sixth formers at their Day of Recollection

Days of Recollection

With a new year comes another opportunity for students to engage in personal and spiritual reflection through Alpha Academy’s Days of Recollection. Students from each grade level took turns to have their very own Day of Recollection which entailed a talk from a trusted spiritual advisor followed by a period of reflection. For the 6th form students, this event was particularly notable as it centred around the theme “Journey.” Such a theme highlighted students’ upcoming transitions from CSEC to preparations (for 12th graders) and from secondary to tertiary education (in the case of 13th graders), as well as the journey which led them to where they are now.

Reverend Father Kingsley Asphall, pastor of the Holy Cross Catholic Church, shared pieces of his own early journey (having attended three Mercy schools), while giving food for thought by indicating that, while in our paths we may encounter obstacles, many of these challenges are blessings in disguise which may be overcome. After his inspiring address, girls were given the chance to journal their thoughts and feelings regarding the theme in the beautiful and peaceful confines of the Alpha Mercy Memorial Garden. Many of the girls found this exercise fruitful, with them writing lengthy reflections in their journals. One teacher noted that this experience gives the young ladies time and space to unwind and reflect on the direction in which their lives are headed as well as to their purpose as students and individuals.

6th form Tea Party

Things took an exciting turn toward the end of the 13th graders’ Day of Recollection when the annual 6th form Tea Party was held! This tradition, which was inspired by Catherine McCauley’s practice of inviting those in need for a warm cup of tea, has spanned decades of the school’s history. Invited guests included the president and members of the Alpha Academy Alumnae Association; a number of Mercy Associates; Sisters of Mercy of Jamaica staff members; and the 6th formers themselves. Attendees indulged in a variety of delicious pastries (served to them by the lower 6th form students), and were thoroughly entertained by participating in various games, friendly conversations, and the highly-anticipated Hat Competition.

The Hat Competition showcased hats, creatively made and modelled by the 13th graders, which were then judged by the audience. Overall, the occasion served not only as an opportunity for students to enjoy themselves in a social setting before leaving the school, but it also let them feel more connected to the Mercy family through their newly formed connections with alumnae, associates and SOM staff members.

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