Mercy Schools Celebrate National Career Awareness Week

February 4 to 9, 2024 was National Career Awareness Week which, for this year, was focused on STEAM careers under the theme of ‘Expanding our horizon, raising readers and respecting the journey through career development’.

To celebrate this, Mt. St. Joseph Catholic High school (MSJCHS) took career quizzes; made vision boards to display their goals; and invited a host of post-secondary organisations to meet students and discuss possible career paths for them. These included the HEART NSTA Trust, University of Technology, Northern Caribbean University and our very own St. John Bosco (SJB) Vocational Training Centre. Students were able to engage with interactive exhibits centred around occupations in the fields of hospitality, media, cosmetology and culinary arts. In particular, SJB’s students impressed onlookers by performing live cooking and barbering demonstrations. Our chefs in training also used this time to showcase the versatility of breadfruit in cooking. While this is an annual event, this year stands out due to the comparatively larger number of organizations represented. The staff felt it was important that both traditional tertiary as well as vocational training institutions were both represented to allow students to explore all options available to them which fit their unique interests and abilities.

Notably, MSJCHS was not the only venue at which SJB students and staff visited. As the entire week was filled with activities across the island, various related events were held by schools and the Ministry of Education and Youth (MOEY). One of these was a Ministry-organised event held at Munro College in St. Elizabeth. There, the school’s Food & Beverage students got to show off their skills in drinks preparation. Besides this, SJB’s staff members, Mrs. Brown-White and Mr. Nathan, spoke to students at Christiana High’s career week celebration about the exciting programmes we have which can lead them towards their dream career!

Primary schools like Jessie Ripoll also joined in the fun by hosting their own career activities like Jessie Ripoll’s dress-up day in which students proudly donned costumes representative of their dream careers such as doctors, nurses, teachers and the like. The day also showed that there is a growing interest among children in modern, non-traditional careers within the digital media space like Youtubers, social media influencers and online gamers. To appeal to this interest, renowned journalist & Media trainer, Dionne Jackson Miller, and local social media sensation (and Jessie Ripoll Primary past student), Russhaine Berry (a.k.a “Dutty Berry”) spoke to the students about ways of pursuing careers in media. Due to the changing times, this interest in media and technology was also mirrored in other Mercy school students such as those at MSJCHS; many of whom have recently joined the new “Digital Art/Animations” club.

MSJCHS students examining a digital camera at the University of Technology’s exhibit.

No matter how much our world changes or how different the careers of today may look from those of previous generations, our Mercy schools go above and beyond to prepare students for the exciting world of work!

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