Mercy Ministries Give Back

In the last few months, a number of Mercy schools and ministries have reached out to support those in need within their local communities. Here’s a look back at the impact that just a few of these ministries have created.

Alpha Infant

In December 2023, Alpha Infant (A.I) students gave back to local Kingston-based communities in a major way through visits and donations to Jacob’s Well, Mother Teresa’s Home and Bethlehem Children Home. Within a single day, staff, students and parents make the trip to visit these three shelters while bearing gifts such as cash donation cheques (i.e. proceeds from the school’s Christmas concert) and basic consumer goods (e.g. food items, toiletries etc.). The residents of Jacob’s Well were treated to a hearty and nutritious lunch prepared by the Alpha Infant family.

This impressive show of community outreach stems from Alpha Infant’s establishment of a community partnership programme (back in the 2013-2014 academic year) in which the school committed to support Jacob’s Well – a shelter owned by the Missionaries of the Poor which cares for elderly, disabled and impoverished adults. Since then, the school has made annual visits and donations to the home and have also permanently added Mother Teresa’s Home and Bethlehem Children Home to their list of adopted charities over the years. Additionally, December also saw the school reaching out to the Glenmore Early Childhood Centre to donate several furniture fixtures. This is part of Alpha Infant’s ongoing efforts to support various local early childhood institutions which may not have access to all of the same resources A.I has.

Laws Street Trade Training Centre

The Laws Street Trade Training Centre held their Christmas food donation in December. The organisation which, among other things, gives biweekly food packages to 700 impoverished residents of Downtown Kingston (mainly women, children and the elderly) nearly doubled their donations by catering to 1,200 persons for this annual Christmas activity. Besides this increased reach, the packages themselves doubled in size and included special food items and toiletries. Additional volunteers were also present on the day. These were, in fact, relatives (a number of whom were young people) of the mission’s major donors who come each Christmas to give back in person. The team, which is headed by Sister Benedict “Benny” Chung, RSM, definitely outdid themselves this year. Sister Maria Teresa Muhuhu, RSM, another valuable member of the team, also distributed essential items to homebound community residents through home visits.

MSJ Prep

MSJ Prep’s 4H Club Leader and Manchester’s 4H Parish manager with the donated items.

Just before Christmas, in November, the MSJ Prep 4H Club got involved in their communities as part of the 4H Week of Kindness activities. Each year, during this week, a home is selected by MSJ Prep to be the recipient of non-perishable food items and clothing from the school. The exact items given vary based on the needs of the selected organisation (which changes from year to year), and are contributed by the students. This marks/was a comeback of sorts since its the first time they’ve been able to resume their donation initiative since the COVID-19 pandemic. The Salvation Army Hanbury Home For Children in Manchester was the chosen organisation this time around and gratefully received packages of sardines, mackerel, corn beef, mixed vegetables, toiletries and more. The school’s 4H Club Leader, Ms. Cassandra Morris, was joined by the local 4H Parish manager, Mr. Dwain Moodie, to hand over these much-needed items.

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