MSJ Shines Bright at Gymnastics Competition

Congrats to Mount St. Joseph Prep’s outstanding gymnastics team for being placed third among seven schools at the Nishida’s Gymnastics’ Mandeville and May Pen Invitational!

Nishida’s Gymnastics is well-known as “a leading gymnastics school” in the country and has nurtured the talents of young Jamaicans who have later gone on to become junior national, and even, world champions! For this reason, Mount St. Joseph (MSJ) Prep’s team was honoured to not only compete in this recent competition, but to rank so highly against worthy opponents such as Marlie Mount Primary and Belair Prep.

The gymnasts in attendance competed in three main categories (each of which challenged them to use different types of apparatus): Floor Exercise, Horizontal Bar, and the Vaulting Horse. MSJ was valiantly represented by eleven gymnasts in the Kinder and Junior Divisions. Of our three athletes who took part in the Kinder Division, Azealiah Parris was selected as “Gymnast of the Term”. Similarly, the talents of our junior gymnasts shone brightly as Rickoya Williams received the highest overall score in her session; Enya Dixion was given the special award for being the “Best at Pointing Toes on Bars”; and Emily McLean received the “Never Give Up” award for her performance on the Vault. Furthermore, Khariah Peart was named “Gymnast of the Term” for juniors!

We are immensely proud of our athletes! We’re confident that the physical and mental rigour of this beloved sport is sure to shape our young ones to become adults who value hard work and perseverance. And who knows? While today they may represent MSJ, tomorrow they could represent Jamaica!

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