PEP High Achievers: Soaring to New Heights

A hearty congratulations to our primary level Mercy schools whose students performed exceptionally well in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Exams for the 2022-2023 academic year! Several of their high-achievers not only scored good grades, but were also awarded prestigious scholarships and ranked highly on a national level. 

The Alpha Primary School’s scholarship awardees consisted of Deandrew Thompson (APS’ top boy and top overall student), Andrea Scott (APS’ top girl), Cheynell Morrison, Rohane Marshall, Keniel Gayle, Tinequon Minott, Dominic Goldson and Dominic Hudson. Aside from these students, 90% of the 2022-2023 sixth grade class excelled academically and were placed in traditional high schools. In addition to academics, this past school year saw the school win a number of medals (including gold), in the National Primary Champs as well as gain silver and 2 merit medals at the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s competitions.

Jessie Ripoll had the honour of seeing one of its students, Aaron-St. John Waugh, be awarded as the Most Outstanding Male Performer in the country as well as receive the Guardian Group National Scholarship. Other scholarship awardees include Ajanie Waugh and Tahira Walters. Furthermore, in the 2022-2023 PEP exams, 95% of students were at “the highest state of readiness for secondary school learning (Pathway 1),” according to Principal O’neil Stevens. Beyond academic success, the school has produced the 2023 National Primary School Chess Champions along with the Global Poetry Foundation Competition winner (a student named Courtney Greaves who won the award for the Most Outstanding Poet/Institution).

Mt. St. Joseph Prep’s most outstanding performers in the last sitting of the PEP Exams were Kyla Groves (Head Girl), Shadae Frith (Deputy Head Girl), Desirae Tracey and Nikardo Dennis. Besides these achievements, the school won 9 gold medals at the JCDC competition for drama and a merit for Music.

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