Farewell to the Class of 2023!

To close out the end of another school year, our Mercy group of schools have organised their respective graduation ceremonies as they bid farewell to another batch of school-leavers. Each event was attended by parents, teachers, board members, well-wishers and specially-invited guests; all of whom were eager to celebrate the accomplishments of the students present. Here’s a look-back at a few of these very special occasions.

We were delighted to see various stakeholders share words of encouragement to students as they entered into the next phase of life. Notably, former Prime Minister Bruce Golding was the guest speaker for the Alpha Primary School’s graduation. Being an Alpha Primary Old Boy himself, Mr. Golding regaled the crowd with fond memories of his time at Alpha, while also imparting words of wisdom for the graduates who he advised to remain adaptable, creative and willing to make great sacrifices to achieve their goals. Similarly, the young ladies at Convent of Mercy Academy’s sixth form school-leaving ceremony were counselled by their principal to “make this world different, be the principled leaders we have taught you to be, inspire others [and] have courage.” Some students were, themselves, able to address their peers and teachers with words from the heart such as the St. John Bosco valedictorians who delivered a sentimental, entertaining and slightly tongue-in-cheek speech to their attentive audience.

These events also highlighted significant student achievements throughout the past year. This included singling-out PEP high achievers from our primary-level schools, scholarship recipients and the schools’ accomplishments in a variety of co-curricular activities (e.g., performing arts and sports).

Additionally, each ceremony was peppered with entertaining performances of poetry, music and more. Stand-out performances included a rousing and humorous rendition of the song “I believe I can fly” from an Alpha Primary student, a sentimental interpretation of “Time of Our Lives” by St. John Bosco Vocational Training Centre graduates, and a choral performance of the song “Unstoppable” by the Convent of Mercy Academy’s Class of 2023. 

A wonderful time was had by all at each one of these events and patrons were left with renewed confidence that the school-leavers would venture into a brighter future due to the solid foundation they were given by our Mercy schools.

The Convent of Mercy Academy’s recent batch of sixth form school-leavers

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