Following the Mercy Way: Mercy Charism Week

As schools geared up for the start of the new academic year, the time came again for the annual Mercy Charism workshops! Led by Sister Pat Coward RSM, workshops were held for staff members of the Mercy Group of Schools from the  26th to 30th of August. Exploring what it means to be part of the Mercy ministry through the use of storytelling, attendees had the privilege of watching a short film depicting the life and work of Sister Catherine McAuley and also hearing the remarkable story of Jessie Ripoll and the impact she has had in Jamaica.

While attendees were able to learn a great deal about these women and the origins of the Sisters of Mercy, they were also granted the opportunity of sharing stories and opinions of their own. Small group sessions were held in which staff members were engaged in honest discussions about their own work and the values which guide us as members of the Mercy Group of Schools. After reiterating the mercy critical concerns and how we can practically address each, Sister Pat reminded workshop participants of the importance of each and every worker within the Sisters of Mercy’s educational community (citing 1 Corinthians 12:24-26 as she did so). In a call to action, school leaders were challenged to make schools as accessible as possible and attendees, in general, were urged to not only think about the Mercy values, but to go forth and act on them in their daily work.

Participants enjoying one of the Charism workshops.

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