An APS Summer of Fun!

This summer ushered in the return of the Alpha Primary Summer School – the first one held since the COVID-19 pandemic. For three weeks in July, over 100 students from the Alpha Primary School (and a few from other schools), participated in fun learning and recreational activities aimed at giving them extra opportunities to develop academically and socially. 

Week after week, these 1st to 6th graders grew in ability and confidence while engaging in several classes such as math, language arts, swimming, physical education, arts and crafts, and dancing; some of which students had never done before! One student’s grandmother recounted how afraid and tearful her grandson was to go to his very first swimming class. At the end of the day, however, he returned home declaring that he wished he could go back into the water! Students were also treated to weekly field trips to cultural and historical sites which included the Bob Marley Museum, National Heroes Park and Devon House. 

Teachers noted that summer school provided a setting in which children seem more relaxed than in regular school while still being challenged and stimulated daily. It also allows new students who are entering into first grade to socialise with and get used to their future schoolmates and teachers. Moreover, teachers themselves had the opportunity to observe new APS students and tailor their lesson plans to their unique social and academic needs. 

All credit goes to the passionate team of teachers for creating such an eclectic and exciting summer programme. We can’t wait to see how it evolves in the years to come!

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