Maintaining A Healthy School Community, One Child At A Time 

An Alpha Infant student (far left), being seen by Dr. Marsha Dacosta (second from the right), in the Health & Wellness Centre’s medical clinic. The medical record is processed for his admission to Jessie Ripoll Primary School. ( Grade 1)

It’s that time of year!

Time for the annual medical and dental check-ups at our Health & Wellness Centre. For the first half of this month, newly registered Jessie Ripoll Primary students are coming in to receive medical and dental screenings before they begin Grade One at their new school.

The Centre’s welcoming reception area is filled almost daily with children and their parents/guardians waiting to be seen by our friendly physician, Dr. Marsha Dacosta, and dentist, Dr. Jamilla Clarke. As they attend to the needs of these little ones, the Centre’s staff is also preparing for next month’s screenings which will see the arrival of current Convent of Mercy Academy students who require examination before their return to school in September. 

Dr. Jamilla Clarke (left) explaining to a young boy the dental procedure she’s about to conduct and the tools which she’ll use to help her.

These annual sessions at our Health & Wellness Centre’s medical and dental clinics show just how highly health ranks among our priorities as a school community. Through these screenings, approximately 400 students in total are attended to, allowing us to maintain up-to-date information on their health issues so that we can better support their physical health and wellbeing during their time at our schools. This is bolstered by the fact that we provide weekly access to the dental clinic throughout the school year, causing about 1,500 Mercy students from the six Kingston-based schools to receive dental care each year. 

The Alpha Mercy Health & Wellness Center continues the Mercy tradition of meeting, not only the spiritual and intellectual, but also the physical needs of others. This set of screenings is just one of the many ways in which we promote an awareness of health-related issues among our pupils and ensure that they have access to quality, convenient health services!

Children and parents waiting in the reception area to be seen for their screenings. 

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